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What Do You Do When You Feel Good?

How Does Holistic Therapy Help You Keep Your Balance?

Don't you want to keep that good feeling when you feel good? Yet, there is a widespread misconception that Holistic Therapy sessions are only for when you feel terrible, and for when you feel you absolutely have no other options.

You already know what I am about to say. This is so not true! HOLISTIC THERAPY KEEPS THE PEACE. I've heard more times than not from new clients (and current clients) here at Listening Hands™ Holistic Therapy, "I didn't know what else to do, so I came here. I've tried everything. Then, I heard about this." Again, Holistic Therapy is NOT new and it is not a magical trick.

Did you think Holistic Therapy was only for when you felt bad?

  • Yes, that's what I was told about Reiki/Holistic Therapy.

  • No, I know that Reiki is used all over the world to elevate!

  • Maybe, I was confused about it all.

Holistic Therapy is powerful healthcare, used in hospitals all over the world. Holistic therapy is actually integrative care, or complementary care; which means it is to be incorporated with your plan of care to complement your life. It should not belong in the "spooky/scary," or the last resort space at all!

Holistic therapy is a part of our history. ALL of our history, as it is a form of Eastern Medicine. Your ancestors didn't have big huge fancy hospitals & therapy offices like we have today. They had natural healing techniques to keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance--holistic healing therapies.

Holistic therapies help you keep the peace within. When you wait until you feel terrible, you have actually waited too long.

I didn't know that. Let me book my next session!

There are Major Benefits to Coming in for a Session When you Feel Good!

That clarity that you are looking for can be obtained in a session. When you are not all blocked up energetically, or feeling discomfort mentally and spiritually, you can really elevate during a session. All of the work is not going towards "fixing" what was wrong, but rather making what's good even better!

This is exactly how I started our beloved Listening Hands™ LLC!

I'll admit, I too added more sessions into my routine because I was being overworked mentally at my Case Management job. I have always had holistic healing as a part of my life, but I had become laxed in my flow of healing work. When all of the stresses hit me, I remembered my history and got back to what I KNEW would work. During that time off from work, when I dived head first back into holistic healing sessions, the name of this business came to me and every service/product that you see flowed into my view during a session. Then it all made sense, and here we are today! Don't wait until you feel terrible to find your way. You can be on your path of purpose and peace daily! See you soon, virtually and/or in person!

One Intuitive Healing Session opens your eyes to why you may not have felt ideal. You are made aware of your blockages, and these blockages are cleared. Going forward, you will need to work on yourself and your situation so that those blockages do not return. If you go back into the same situation with no commitment to make changes, your energy could become blocked again fairly quickly; even within days. This is why you want to make a commitment to yourself (and your loved ones) that you will see your situation as needing more than One (magical & awesome) Reiki + Intuitive Healing Session. You deserve more! You deserve to feel that magical feeling all the time. More sessions, help you connect with the magic inside of you! You cannot manifest anything if you are feeling like there's a heavy weight on your neck. Healing sessions allow you to take your heavy tool kit off of your back and align with your true self...without the weight...your Higher Self. Doesn't that sound good?

Yes, my friend told me I only needed one session to fix everything that I felt, but now I understand why I need more!

virtual healing session


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LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Holistic Nursing & Holistic Therapy. She attended the University of Memphis and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 2008. During her 14 years as a Nurse, LaDeidra completed extensive training & obtained several certifications in Holistic Health and Nursing. She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. LaDeidra is also an avid reader and enjoys sharing the knowledge she gains to help all individuals be happy and healthy. She continues to study and stay abreast of clinical information, through nursing scholastic journals , training programs, holistic literature, and personal experience with holistic therapy. After a number of years in Emergency/Trauma Nursing, and meeting so many people during transitions in life, LaDeidra realized Holistic Nursing is her passion . She now works in private practice as a Holistic Nurse and provides Holistic & Complementary Therapy . She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Nurse Case Manager, Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Counselor, & Marriage Officiant. Through her work as a Nurse Case Manager, she was able to witness that a personalized, and culturally sensitive plan of care creates a healing environment and leads to better outcomes for the patient. When not with patients, LaDeidra enjoys creating unique products to help people relax and heal naturally. She believes Holistic Health is extremely important and this is her life's work. She is very proud to offer holistic & complementary therapy to be integrated into a conventional medicine plan of care to help heal the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and emotions. To learn more about Holistic Therapy & to book an appointment visit:

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